Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sense the Silence

"In modern society we are in darkness
 of what's happening around us
 by different distractions.
 Many of us are unaware
 of the nature's phenomena 
 taking place right in front of our eyes.
 Just stop for a moment ...

Sense the Silence - Finnish Lapland from Riku Karjalainen on Vimeo.

 ...and feel your innermost
 in harmony with the nature.
 Open your eyes and sense the Silence."

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Slow down

Watching sparks in the dark
is how to find light in the life.
The best way could be a slow flow
and intuit the changes as challenges.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Lion and the Mouse

Can a mouse help a lion?
You can watch this narration.
It is told by the British actor Melvyn Hayes.

 Story Time - The lion and the mouse 

It is part of a collection of stories around the world by
 Learn English Kids . British Council
 with interesting games and activities.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Leo's Song


I started playing this song.
But did not know where it would lead.
I just kept playing, and playing.
A young pyramid heard my song
and told friends of it discovery.
They asked if the sound's creator could be found.
The pyramid said if would try.
And so its journey began
though the distance was great.
The pyramid was very fast.
The pyramid found the earth.
Searched the forests
and looked outside supermarkets.
It even went door to door, to door.
The pyramid was discouraged
but refused to give up.
I continue to play
unaware of the pyramid's search.
The pyramid followed the sound to my window
where I invited in inside
so it could rest its travels.
Time went by and we became friends.
We sampled some minidiscs
purchased a house
and collected records.
And trew a party.
The pyramid was very responsible
and would now the lawn every week.
The pyramid even did the grocery shopping
though the pyramid enjoyed my company.
It began to miss home
when suddenly
it was contacted by its home planet
because was building with the cubes.
The pyrmaid built a ship for me
so we could both travel to its home.
We travelled as fast as we could
to prevent the terrible disaster.
I had never been so far from home.
During the trip I filled two notebook
with notes ans sketches.
We arrived and met with the High Council
but they were unwilling to listen to reason.
Once again, the young would lead the old,
and fight common fear with common sense.
The young pyramid lined up
in support of the cubes.
The young cubes did the same.
To teach the elders, the young shapes continued.
Together, the youths had taught peace.
And now rejoiced
while I played this song.
I continued to recording experiences
with paper and pen
and released them to either
hoping they would be found.

All content and audio created
by Kelly Meador & Daniel Elwing.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Papier maché puppets

Puppets Design Camp from LongoPongo Productions on Vimeo.

Use your hands and enjoy its magic.
 They can do amazing things:
papier maché puppets,
 sand castles, planting trees,
 clay figures, cakes, drawings and paintings, ...
You can also cut, twist, or make models ....

The list is endless and their results are real rather than virtual.
Never let  a command makes you forget your other skills.

GLUED from GLUED on Vimeo.