There's great Songs for learn English singing its beautiful words
 and suggestive Musics for a nice flight through learning world.

Compositions by Lucas Thanos

Take off again
Now on 3D 

(Take off again, Group St.Gervasi version)

With the ukulele
from Jef Gibbons

Vowel Song Giggly's

 Vowel Souns
 Jolly phonics 

Counting Song 

 At the supermarket 
by Peter Weatherall

Alphabet song 
by The LMNOPs

Sing along Syllabic Song
The Champions consonants P, L, N

Modes of transportation 
 by Readeez

The robot's song
from various authors

Puff the Magic Dragon
from Phantom of The Organ

Here comes the sun
by The Beatles

Helping Verbs Song
from Tracey Bruce

by The Bazillions 

El Hochey Cokey
 prepositions of movement
from British Council

by  Redtje 红领巾乐队

Blue Night Over The Sky
by Sigur Ros

Celebration of Peace
by Dàmaris Gelabert

The Even Numbers
by  They Might Be Giants

Noun Song
by Grammaropolis

Dream the Dare
by Rure bathing Culture

Our times is now
by Amy Grant

The song for counting 
 by Five

Similes and Metaphors

by The Bazillions

My Name 
by Nervling

When We Stand Together
by Nickelback

We all stand together
by Paul McCarney

Let it go
from Frozen

The Logical Song
by Supertramp

Silent "e"
by The Bazillions

by John Lennon


It's up to you
by Astro Joey & the Cosmic Rays

Conjunction junction
by Best School House Rock

Prefix or suffix
by The Bazzillions

In the group
by Tom Chapin

Garden song
by John Denver

by Readez

by Toquinho

by Dino O'Dell

Triangular triangles
by The Bazillions

La Bamba
by Playing For Change
Musical colors
by Jib jab's StoryBots

Perimeters and Areas
by The Bazlilions

Pure Imagination
by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley
Tribute to Pixar

We are The Champions
by Freddie Mercury

Preposition Song
by Grammar Revolution

No homework

by The Bazillions

Sea Turtle
by The Whizpops


Keep Your head Up
by Ben Howard

Every Age
by José González

Zoog song
by David Browne

by Charles Chaplin

by Phil Ochs

Five Miles Out
by Mike Oldfield

A very Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year
 by John lennon

Creatures of the Night 
by Janet Devlin

Octopus's Garden
 by The Beatles

by Blue Seat Studios

Four Seasons
by StoryBots

Water Cycle
by The Bazillions

 Leo's Song 
by Impactist

Playing for Change

Good Morning
by Damaris Gelabert

by Hans Zimmer
 by Matt Simons
by Paper Lights
by Peter Gabriel
by Cold Play


You can also have fun with poetry
because you play with melody
through  combination of words
and you can get rhymes as chords.
clik the image
and go to the page