Saturday, November 30, 2013

Handy Haiku

The latest proposal about Haiku
 on Vimeo Weekend Challenge
 has interesting results.

The Haiku is a Japanese lyric verse form
 having three unrhymed lines 
of five, seven, and five syllables, 
traditionally invoking
 an aspect of nature or the seasons.

You can practice reading with fun 
while counting syllables
and receive nice messages.

We hope enjoy you these nice and handy haiku :

Do-Re-Mi from Raymond Chan on Vimeo.

haiku from Roberto Salvaggio on Vimeo.

The leaves of Autumn from Frederik on Vimeo.

Journey from Hibbert Harwood on Vimeo.

take the letters from Man In The Box on Vimeo.

REFLECTION from Alexander Granskog on Vimeo.

Autumn from Christoph B. on Vimeo.

Haiku: Snow from Nicolas Fuster on Vimeo.

Snow Is Coming // Haiku from Craig Snedeker on Vimeo.

Haiku Vimeo Weekend Challenge from Marine Bucher on Vimeo.

The sound of the water from Giovanni Gaetani on Vimeo.

Haiku: To read is to Fly from Mark Nugent on Vimeo.

Haiku - Surf from 100milesforoneprecent on Vimeo.

You can find more on Vimeo

Friday, November 29, 2013

Wonderland of islands

You can practice reading,
 when you watch documentaries subtitled.
It will be like a travel throgh the world
if you choose geographic reports.

There's a interesting video about Tetepare, the last wild island.

TETEPARE // JAMES MORGAN // 1080p from James Morgan Photography on Vimeo.

Every island is unique because
is a tract of land surrounded by water,
 and smaller than a continent,
and so evolves different.

More about islands of the world on

  Alphabetical Selection  

Enjoy it.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A magical world

We like the Sesame Street world,
 where everything has solution by a good song.

Sesame Street - I Wonder from AdamSchlesingerMusic on Vimeo.

In Sesame Street you can understand
 the new words by fun
without complicated definitions.

"What's Inside" Sesame Street from Robert Lyons on Vimeo.

More videos about Sesame Street:

"Middle of Your Face"   
    "Six Circus Balls"        
       "Between You & Me"           
          "Short or Tall"               

Thank you very much to all special professionals, 
who have made a magical world like Sesame Street.

Friday, November 22, 2013

The combined skills

The combined skills gain strength.
The strength of the complementarity
 between several people can achieve the unthinkable.
So together we will get it.

Power in union from Bugulab Studio on Vimeo.

You will  find  very different people 
and if you synchronize with them
 you get the opening your mind. 
 It is then when grow up your chances.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Sometimes silence says more than words
Just observe and feel it.

Some great pictures are like a trip.

Wolfs Law - The Joy Formidable from pd3 on Vimeo.

Sometimes, you have to let it sit cloudy water
while the sludge can lower at the depths.

The silence between notes
 gives life to every melody.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A secret box to practice the adjectives

Let's play with the secret box 
to practice a new kind of words. 
A team must conceal a secret object in the box.
The other team can guess the object
 by asking about some clues.
The clues just could be adjectives.
The team change is when you guess the secret object.

Adjectives are words that give us
 information about nouns:
size, color, shape, texture, temperature, ...
We can also explain their personality
 if the nouns described are people or animals.

You can learn more about adjectives with this fun song.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A new stage, era or eon within your vision

A stage can be a period of time,
an era can be a group of stages,
and an eon is a set of eras.

It may seem exaggerated to say eon
but it rhymes with vision
and we like practice new words.

In addition, in recent centuries spend more stuff in a decade
than in prehistoric times in one eon,
and now we have the emergence of a whole new vision.

We talk about the new Google Glass,
their goggle are now a reality
that can change our mentality.

We had the world within reach of our fingers,
now we have it available to our eyes,
under the instructions of our voice.

In fact it is a remarkable success of the technology
that it will invade our professional  life or family.

More about technical in
 post of last year but it's real now.

            Finally, you can watch these filmations
if you want to imagine how is the world through his vision.

Google Glass from Matthew M on Vimeo.

24 Hours in Rome in 60 Seconds (Through Google Glass)
from Andrew Satter on Vimeo.

Google Glass Commerical from Gary Makinson on Vimeo.

In this latest video tells us that, despite being truly amazing,
we must have a lot of respect when filming other people.

Any new tool that have plenty of options
also have some drawback.
 We must get used because
they will be with us from now on.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Some unanswered questions

Some qüestions unresolved 
are what make you think
 and allow you to move forward.

Whatever the situation,
 it is good to have a clear goal, 
keeping one direction.

As this mouse does not lose sight of his hat
 amid inclement weather, made ​​by Daniel Paul.
Do not miss the    animation  
that  gives strength and inspiration.

Questions without solution
you can find a million.

Why in schools increasingly have more computers and fewer teachers?
How is that can spend money for weapons and don't have money for medicines?
Why politicians have official cars and don't see people that they represent ?
How do politicians need protection, is that they have done something wrong?
Why are there so many people without homes and homes without people?
How can we help the places where happen  disasters  without the aid deviate?
Why continue still researching technology that it removes the work to the parents?
What will I be when I grow if everyone says that the world go wrong ?
How come there is no money to help disabled and yes for conferences and meetings such as luxurious in which agreements are reached then not met?
Why people are jailed fighting for injustice and  is not done justice  with which they could avoid catastrophes?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Making of a Spider web

How? and, Why? 
are the favorite questions 
when we are children.

However, if we do not get answers, 
sometimes we stop asking and we stagnate.

  So if you ever wondered how spiders make their webs here are some clues.

A simple spider web from FLYKIT on Vimeo.

If you want to know more about
 these geometric constructions
and other possible shapes,
 you can take a look at this interesting site.

science. How Stuff Works

Finally you can make your own spider web
 with a support geometric,
just across many diagonals made ​​with strands of wool, 
and then from the center outward 
turning the spiral knotted at each diagonal.
 You can hang your own spider
 made of wool tassel,
with its eight legs and a pair of big eyes.

clearly explains the steps for you.

DIY Yarn Spider Web from Ashley Weeks Cart on Vimeo.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Privacy or publicity

Except for some parts of the world
where Internet can't reach,
everybody lives exposed to its dual power.

On the one hand provides us access to almost all information
but the other hand is left with all our thought,
affinities, preferences and motivation,
And it's easy figure it out by deduction
everything that you don't  say directly .

Today the kids can access earlier to social networks,
when naivete and innocence still have a total transparency.

Everyone falls on the ambivalence to ask for privacy,
however everyone gives data that facilitate publicity.

Maybe this video entitled "Machines transparent"
can make you think about ourselves, 
that  we are who give data easily
for the losing our privacy.

Transparent Machines™ from beeple on Vimeo.

It's important don't obsessed with this subject.
A person who retains the innocence of a child
and has the wisdom of a grandfather
taught us this slogan:

"If you don't have to be ashamed
you don't have to worry about "

However, our DNA or genetic code soon will  all about us.

Or maybe in the not so distant
 a microcircuit will incorporate us at birth,
that allows us to access 
all the ambivalence of this process.
¿ ?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Earth and Beyond

Here's a great Visualisation
that demonstrates how the art of animation
makes it easier to understand
of any fact in any language.

   Earth & Beyond   by Gary Bird    

It is really a good advantage
for its clear images.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Kaleidoscopes and periscopes

The Tubes from Gary Bird on Vimeo.

You can save cardboard tubes and pieces of old mirrors
to build fun periscopes and kaleidoscopes.

This scheme is a simple visualization
of the steps to make these inventions.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Connection in time by conjunctions

The spiders with their webs are connected 
and today our friend Spidy
will show us how to use the  connectors  of time.

The words that connect two ideas in time,
normally can answer the question:
  When ?

This simple story 
will keep these conectors
 in your memory.

Here's a nice spider weaving his own attire
 made by Alexandr Tanana.

Knitting Spider from Alexandr Tanana on Vimeo.

Enjoy it.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Words connectors

You can invent your own stories 
when you know make sentences.
Just need to know the right connectors
 to link your ideas.

  Your story can have an introduction,
a plot and a conclusion for to be exciting.

Connectors are special words that join your sentences.

This animation can be used in conjunction initiation.

Conjunctions for grade 1 from turtlediary on Vimeo.

This interesting explanation may serve to expand.

Conjunctions from Brit on Vimeo.

You can search for conjunctions 
in the text of tales and fables
or in subtitles beatiful films like HUGH.

HUGH (english subtitles) - ESMA from Sylvain Nouveau on Vimeo.

Finally you can learn about
   connectors of time   
with the spider Spidy.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Solar Eclipse

Yesterday there was a solar eclipse that was very special.
Started as an annular eclipse and ended as one total.
Is called hybrid. It's so original and unusual.

Nature gives us great shows like this
  where the planets show us  interference
  of their orbits live and direct.

The vision of this phenomenon 
varies with the location of the observation.

This video is an interesting and
animated map that shows us the path.

Annular-total solar eclipse of 2013 November 3 from Michael Zeiler on Vimeo.

If you could not see it yesterday,
here's a video of a partial view of the eclipse.

Solar Eclipse - November 3, 2013 from Yosuke Kobayashi on Vimeo.

More about on