Monday, March 24, 2014

Great song about your future's imagination

The Sky's The Limit (It's Up 2 U )
 from Astro Joey and the Cosmic Rays on Vimeo.


Maybe you'll grow up to be a doctor,
you could even be a president.

Maybe folks will cheer when you play soccer,
or you'll sing the song at some event.

Work and educate,
that's what is gonna take,
what do you wanna do?
The sky is the limit!
it's up to you.

Do you wanna be a fire fighter?
or be a cosmic astronaut?

Maybe you'd love to be a writer,
or a chef it's food for thought

Work and educate,
that's what is gonna take,
what do you wanna do?
The sky is the limit!
it's up to you.

Sometimes your goal can seem so distant, 
but hold on to your dreams, 
don't let anybody tell you different,
Do what you've got to do,
be who you wanna be.

Work and educate,
that's what is gonna take,
what do you wanna do?
The sky is the limit!
it's up to you.

It's up to you.

Work and educate,
that's what is gonna take,
what do you wanna do?
The sky is the limit!
it's up to you.

It's up to you.

The sky is the limit!
it's up to you.

The sky is the limit!
it's up to you.

Thanks to
for sharing their song.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Earth is a planet of contrasts.
There are nearly uninhabited villages.
But there are cities which are larger than many countries.
The population of a city is a variable data.

Five of the most populated megacities of the world:

CD. DE MÉXICO, video documental

Spring NYC from Martin Rolland on Vimeo.

SÃO PAULO :: BRASIL from david marques on Vimeo.

SEOUL, Magic Hours from kwon, o chul on Vimeo.

More about megacities on    Urbanity  
" The urban population exceeds the rural population
 since 2007 and this gap is growing."

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring back

From now on it is spring here in the Northern Hemisphere.
Since early March is autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.
We hope the spring brings a lot of color for everybody.

silentSPRING from Benjamin BERTRAND on Vimeo.

from Antonio Selva on Vimeo.

 Thanks to his authors
 for sharing his spring vision.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


An opportunity for biodiversity 
 is to think of the natural world globally.

Coop Biodiversität from Combo Entertainment on Vimeo.


Listen to this heart bead.
Hear this sign of life.
No matter whom the heart belongs to man, beast or plant.
We forget far too often that life is all around us.
Everything lives or depends of life.
Even the bread in front of you.
We’re all part of the same cycle.
But man tries to impose his rhythm.
We build and overproduce.
We push nature to its limits.
How long can we continue to take without giving?
We destroy everything without learning from the ashes.
And what’s the reason for all this?
Our own survival.
But that depends on nature and its survival too.
Just because of our species thousands of others disappear.
Let’s make a difference for our earth.
Before the last domino tumbles.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Nature or tech: the treasure hunt

The technology can rule our lifes? It's a important question.
However it's also a big mass media to remember
 all us how come back to life near nature.

OverTech from Gary Bird on Vimeo.

 For instance, this random treasure hunts will be more amusing
 than an static application where just moves a finger.
However, good applications also train our ingenuity.

THE TREASURE HUNT from Guy Draper on Vimeo.

 We can learn or recall great entertainments thanks to the network.
 Just choose and practice the best for  you.
Remember: the nature nourish us.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Friday, March 14, 2014

Math and paths

Math is a magical view of the matter and its paths.
Math is a universal and almost ancestral language.
Enjoy math and its paths.

Have you got Maths Eyes? from Leckaun National School on Vimeo.

 “2500 years ago a group of revolutionary thinkers
 changed the way we think about maths.
 Through the idea of proof,
 the Ancient Greeks showed that maths
 isn’t just about performing calculations,
 but a way of understanding and testing
 the reality of the world around us”.

The Greek Legacy: How the Ancient Greeks Shaped Modern Mathematics
 from 12Foot6 on Vimeo.

 Thanks to these great artists on sharing
their paths to approach maths.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tying's trick

Tying a bow you can learn to tie your shoes.

Tying a bow! from Baan Dek on Vimeo.

However sometimes a loop  may be beyond our reach
and then we need some trick.

TRUC NUS - knot trick - TRUCO NUDO from CATATRUX on Vimeo.

You can also make your own cardboard shoes to practice it.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

To be ?!

A child was worried for his father and asked us about   
why in a century in which the equality is sought  
there was not a day for men 
and yes there was a day for women  
or why was not a group where his father would go  
if the animals even had protective groups.

We failed to respond,
now we collect the concern of this child 
on the International Women's Day.
Serve this video ambivalent
who wants reflect all kinds
of people.

¿ S E R ! from FLOTS on Vimeo.

If you feel like a tie ... 
  it's just a knot that you can break.
If you tighten your tie ... 

  it's just a knot that you can break. 
Loosening knots ... let live the lives without barriers.
Owning your freedom ... makes you free.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Perspective in Palindrome

You can read a palindrome the same backward or forward.  
A palindrome attitude in your life 
can be an interesting perspective.
It is useful to read life in all directions.

More about       palíndromes  

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Thoughts about time

When we were a Clock from Alexandr Tanana on Vimeo.

" When we were hours
This is the story of the minute hand. Typically, such a direction.
 She knew that her work in visiting 12 power and a story about it clockwise.
 Minute went from palace to palace, bringing his little chief information about 
them.And so it went: power sit motionless on their majestic thrones and means
 and Minute walks between their palaces and gives time coordinates for future
 movements.When she tried to ask his guide why these Masteries 12 and what
they mean, horology sublime and penetrating view, saying that
this higher meaning arrows and we can only exist in one of 12 o'clock. It
does not explain, however, calmed for a while.
But one day, for some unknown reason Minute stumbled than hit
their usual rhythm. The sensation was comparable to that when you find
the absence or presence of "extra" step underfoot. First embraced unimaginable
horror, but after it is understood that it is so arranged. 
This understanding at the same time and was part of the usual and something 
instead of previous experience. But the punishment of time followed.
 Then Minute tried to stumble again. She did it again and again,
 but it's small and not so distant bosses were too tight and not
in a life based on nothing but blind faith is mighty and of the information
obtained from a minute.
What was surprising minute when it is overcoming fear, tried to reverse
 hour and was followed by power to power towards the opposite
wound up originally. Might not mind. Now they just meant. Due to
a change of pace, speed and direction of movement, Minute realized
 that the watch is not in spite of the terrible kind of bossy, have only its
 projection. After that, the previously dominant stopped paying attention. 
And she disappeared. Hourly always say that big changes need more cycles.
 But a series of round and closed.
 And when to start counting everyone decides for himself. Hours left in this bill.
One Minute tried not just to pass the 12th temple, or as it is still called
 the 0-th power, but to get deeper. Darkness enveloped the whole world and
 he lost the familiar shape. However, only a short half-cycle. Then, on the same
 half cycle all flooded blinding light.
 Minute saw the outline of the new power, but did not want to call them somehow.
 Because she was bored with the pantheon of the dial, and any new
would turn only appeared freedom volume back to bidirectional plane.
Minute Since moving faster and are increasingly embracing a giant new
unknown world, which has always been close. In one of the cycles
Minute realized that moves around the center. Having this reference point
restrained her as you once restrained scream out the window: "Bring it on home."
And she began to walk, separated from the center, playing himself breaking this
eternal cycle. Now she was in the rustle of leaves, the crunch in the falling snow
and rain in the song. That gave her even more exciting feeling of joy from the
resulting freedom. Since cycles are gone, it is not clear when exactly Minute 
stopped again. As if the very first sbivku. And knew his own name.
I realized that it consists of cause-investigation conditionality "minute" and the
name of the "I". This is a "minute" makes frozen in the air crying baby sound and
laughing thunderously reflected, creating fun ringing. Perceived all this
fascination staring or averting eyes in disgust, compassion and rejoicing, "I am." 
Realizing this, Minute solution of the latter became its conditionality and time itself.
It's the story."

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Impossible dreams?

What seems impossible dream
is the first step to make it possible.

Switch from Nicolas Mokka on Vimeo.

Today we want to dream that is possible,
   improve the world all together
as did the preceding us with his gifts,
for our successors with their illusions.

A little homage to the great Paco de Lucía.