Saturday, July 6, 2013

Laterality and Directionality

When Flykit wants to do things like the humans
with their new hands and feet sometimes he has problems.
He has confusion between the right and left
 because everything is new to him.

It is important to know which side of the body has dominance.
  Being left handed or right changes situations.
Some tools such as scissors are different in each case.

The best solution is to practice if the confusions
 are in movement coordination.
In simple actions such as walking or running 
you can observe your body.

When moving the right foot is accompanied by the left hand and vice versa.
Look at this video about the walk cycle.

cat strut final from Luis Garcia on Vimeo.

In more complex actions such as swimming or cycling 
you can get to improve your coordination,
 balance and respiration while having fun.

Whatever your favorite sport or dancing 
are good for improving your body schema.

You can also improve your synchronization of movements
 when you practice team sports or competition sport.

The 8-Bit Games! from Flikli on Vimeo.

If you dance group choreography you can get spectacular progress.

Blackstreet "No diggity" Choreography by Alisa from D-Lux Dance Studio on Vimeo.

The combination of your movements with those
of your friends is a challenge and an adventure.

There is interesting information
 about laterality and directionality 
in  Learning info  to begin
 understand these confusions.

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