Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Making with clothespins and with other things

 The magic of being kid is that everything can look great.

You can make constructions
with  clothespins, bottle caps or buttons.
You can also get amazing puzzles
 with a group of old containers.

 So we're going to put a box of treasures
before bringing so much junk to the recycling sites
because they are a breeding ground for a lot of learning.

And for the record that the idea is of all
the great little explorers
who usually put face in astonishment
to what others consider  rubbles.

We delights his excitement when opening a drawer
and choose any  spoiled stuff
and then turn it into something renewed.

Serve this simple example video
with the set of letters that you can mount
through simple clothespins.

a - b - c - DA - r - i - o from FLOTS on Vimeo.

We liked the face of hapiness of its discoverer 
and its special spelling of the alphabet.

More little great ideas

 Puppets with clothespins 

 Constructions with caps 

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