Wednesday, March 19, 2014


An opportunity for biodiversity 
 is to think of the natural world globally.

Coop Biodiversität from Combo Entertainment on Vimeo.


Listen to this heart bead.
Hear this sign of life.
No matter whom the heart belongs to man, beast or plant.
We forget far too often that life is all around us.
Everything lives or depends of life.
Even the bread in front of you.
We’re all part of the same cycle.
But man tries to impose his rhythm.
We build and overproduce.
We push nature to its limits.
How long can we continue to take without giving?
We destroy everything without learning from the ashes.
And what’s the reason for all this?
Our own survival.
But that depends on nature and its survival too.
Just because of our species thousands of others disappear.
Let’s make a difference for our earth.
Before the last domino tumbles.

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