Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Grammatical & Visual

The visual memorization tricks
can help children with difficulty abstraction
and serve everybody in increasing motivation.

Our grammatical tour :
Basic parts of a sentence.

The subject is the main protagonist of the sentence.
You can find it by the question:  
    Who + verb ?  

The predicate is what is happening in the sentence.
You can usually find it by the question:   
    What do + subject + does ?  

This trip can be a memory trick. because the grammar learning
 is like traveling across a world of words.

The Beach Trip from FLYKIT on Vimeo.

One way to completing the sentences is by objects.
Objects are nouns with information about 
the subject of  the sentence.
Other objects are nouns that receive
 the action of the verb.

There are various sentence structures.
You can practice using the interesting 

You can play this game about

Finally you have this music video about sentence grammar.

Subject and Predicate Video from Have Fun Teaching on Vimeo.

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