Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Paper game making sentences

Just  print and cut 
 and let's make sentences of

     Here's the full animation where
 you can find the phrases of the game.

THE SPECIAL SLED, consonants H, J, G from FLYKIT on Vimeo.

You can also print 
another model for easy first making.

You can play alone o with friends.

INDIVIDUAL GAME : First you train with the model.
The next time you do the phrases from memory or by logic.

GROUP PLAY : Distribute words for each.
Make sentences together. The winner is the first one ends.

You can also choose your favorite tale or an invented story.
This lovely video is an animation about first stories by a little girl
She's 3.5 years old and started to tell stories that will surprise.

Once upon a time.... from Rosa Lykiardopoulos on Vimeo.

Write and cut your own phrases could be funny.
Some adult can help you writing the words.

Making sentences is like play with puzzle pieces.
The sentences are made of words.
Words are made of vowels and consonants.
You can assemble and disassemble.

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