Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The power of old poems

"Reinterpreted from Henry Longfellow's Song of Hiawatha,
 Katherine Clark tells the story of a boy who learns 
from his grandmother to have faith and trust in Universal Love.
 Working with musicians Drew Corey and Elliott Glasser,
 the film is narrated through song,
 and told in a new and unique way."

Hiawatha from katherine Clark on Vimeo.

Hiawatha's Departure
from The Song of Hiawatha
by   Henry Longfellow

By the shore of Gitchie Gumee,
By the shining Big-Sea-Water,
At the doorway of his wigwam,
In the pleasant Summer morning,
Hiawatha stood and waited.
All the air was full of freshness,
All the earth was bright and joyous,
And before him through the sunshine,

Westward toward the neighboring forest
Passed in golden swarms the Ahmo,
Passed the bees, the honey-makers,
Burning, singing in the sunshine.
Bright above him shown the heavens,

Level spread the lake before him;
From its bosom leaped the sturgeon,
Aparkling, flashing in the sunshine;
On its margin the great forest
Stood reflected in the water,
Every tree-top had its shadow,
Motionless beneath the water.
From the brow of Hiawatha
Gone was every trace of sorrow,
As the fog from off the water,
And the mist from off the meadow.
With a smile of joy and triumph,
With a look of exultation,
As of one who in a vision
Sees what is to be, but is not,
Stood and waited Hiawatha. 

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