Friday, April 12, 2013

Stuffed toys, your teddy buddy

This happy baby in the arms of his big bear reminds us
  the importance of simple things.

Aidan James: My Little Buddy from SixEleven on Vimeo.

Do you want to make your own stuffed animal?

You can buy pieces of felt, and kapok for stuffing.
But you can use any old blanket and pillows.
 Here are some possible models.

You can choose your favorite teddy.
Dare you to invent your own patterns and templates.

This is a basic template.

You need to cut two templates in felt.
Then you sew the two together, leaving a hole to fill in later.
You have to turn it upside down so that the stitching will be inside.
You can fill and decorate: eyes, ears, nose, tail and claws.

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