Thursday, December 4, 2014

An adventurer ABC

What about revise the ABC traveling around the world?

ABCs: Around the World with Mo from Mark Farris on Vimeo.

"Mo the panda bear takes a trip across
 the whole world, visiting one country 
for each letter of the alphabet.

A - Australia, B - Brazil, C- Canada, D - Denmark,
E - Egypt, F - France, G - Greece, H - Honduras,
I - India, J - Japan, K - Kenya, L - Lebanon,
M - Morocco, N - Norway, O - Oman, P - Peru,
Q - Qatar, R - Russia, S - Spain, T - Turkey,
U - United States, V - Venezuela, W - Wales,
X - meXico, Y - Yemen, Z - Zimbabwe"

Thanks to Mark Farris for sharing this great animation.

More about a virtual tour
where you can know all the world countries

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