Monday, March 2, 2015

World National Parks

Maybe one of our best progress
 is on braking to the progress:

Putting limits on the growth of large living areas
and creating parks where Nature lives calm.

Some of the best Nationals Parks the world.

 You can enjoy a collection of great filmations
from various natural parks across the globe on

Have a nice travel.
How about starting this journey 
with this great compilation of America?

Video consists 9 National Parks:
Yellowstone NP, Bedlands NP, Cuyahoga Valley NP,
Grand Teton NP, Haleakala NP, Kings Canyon NP,
Sequoia NP, Yosemite NP, Gateway to Channel Islands NP.
In addition Niagara Falls and Devils Tower National Monument.

Thanks to   PrimoMedia   for sharing two years of work.

How about finish the journey on New Zealand?

"Some of New Zealand's stunning wilderness areas.
• the volcanic land forms in Tongariro National Park,
a World Heritage Site;
• coastal scenes, rock formations and a rain forest
 in the Paparoa National Park
on the South Island's West Coast;
• the limestone arches and tannin waters of the Oparara River
 in Kahurangi National Park;
• the back country and alpine areas of Nelson Lakes National Park; and
• other iconic scenes found on some of New Zealand's tourist routes."

Thanks to   Stephen Patience Photography
 for sharing his great work.

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