Thursday, March 12, 2015

Aquatic Treasure

The water changes its color
pursuant to everything having around
for though it is transparent
behaves as a lens
and produces light refraction
or even as a mirror with reflection
depending on the position
of the eye that makes the observation.

Its behavior as a lens
is very evident
when it has drop shape
where the image having bounces
and looking with precision
you can see inversion.

 Water is the most indispensable element for the life,
However many harmful elements are discharged in it.
In fact, water bodies don't have borders.
Perhaps the problem is unsolvable and heal the water is a chimera.
Neither groundwater are safe because there is leaks
 through the permeable layers of soil and increase the damage.

Another problem is appears new problems
for instance others origins of pollution
while the old difficulties haven't  solution.
The progress suffers such an acceleration
that the use of expendable items generalizes
without weighing the detrimental effects.

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