Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Construction of canoes and kayaks

What is the difference 
between kayaks and canoes?

        Experts know it well but the differences
            vary depending on the country.
In general the canoe is open, but kayaks are closed.
Also can vary the body position  and the oar's shape.
You're always sitting with long legs in the kayak.
You can be sitting or kneeling in the canoe.

You can better understand this information
          if you see its construction.

This is a traditional kayak in Canada, in Greenland
 and another polar climate countries,
as in the Scandinavian countries
 or in the area near the South Pole.

Stop Motion, Traditional Kayak Building Construction from Aventura Films on Vimeo.

This is a traditional canoe in Papua New Guinea
and many islands in the Pacific Ocean.
We also find similar in Caribbean Sea or the Amazon,
or in Asian and African Countries.

Ika's canoe from Richard Moyle on Vimeo.

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