Thursday, April 4, 2013

Flowering plants

                     This is the flower
                  of the consonant "M"
                  because it is the sound
             of someone who smells my scent,
                as you can see in  this adventure.

                         If you want
                       to know more
                       about the flowers
                       you can watch
                       these two videos.
Life Cycles Unit 5B from Thomas Sale on Vimeo.

Adapting Unit 6A from Thomas Sale on Vimeo.

For very good reports and documentaries of plants that we can find,
 the magic of planting your own seeds is going to overcome.
                   Just put a cotton ball in a jar.
                   You can accommodate a dry legume
                   in the jar: bean, chickpea, lentil ...
               You have to soak it with water every day
                  and you can do some photography.

                      When the plant grows enough,
                you can put it in a pot or in a garden.

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