Monday, September 30, 2013

Adventure of an audacious nature

There are adventure films based on historical events
than are a source of knowledge through entertainment.

This is the case of:"KON-TIKI putting us in 1947
  when the world was surprised 
by the enthusiasm of the young
  Norwegian anthropologist and adventurer
 Thor Heyerdahl, who is undertaking 
an surprising expedition and dangerous:
 a journey of 8,000 km across the Pacific Ocean
  aboard the Kon-Tiki boat
that built for himself.
One the best epic adventures of the XXI century."

Kon-Tiki - Trailer #2 from Storm Studios on Vimeo.

This is the route followed.

On the page of his museum in Norway
you can find interesting information.

Knowing this adventure you can learn
a lot of things about the world.
Especially interesting is the importance
 of ocean currents.

More about ocean currents around the world:

  Academic Kids   

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