Thursday, September 19, 2013

The power of your hands

This is a century of great contrasts.
On the one hand there are new professions and occupations.
  On the other hand reappear old crafts and old traditions.
So you have more possibilities to choose.

This great video invites to be multifaceted and seek new ways.

¿Realmente estás haciendo lo que te hace feliz? from Eliseo y Barbara on Vimeo.

We like to find old acquaintances who explain
 their change of  professions
with new approaches or combination of  options.
Sometimes it's so easy as combining
 craftsmanship and technology.
For instance, the artisans
can make products with their hands
 and share out on new social networks.

The power of your own hands is what distinguishes humans.
This original video can serve as tribute to the power of the hands.

SCREENGRAB from Willie Witte on Vimeo.

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