Monday, September 2, 2013

The key

The key which opens
all doors of communication
is a real connection
and sincere disposition.

explains what is communication.

Now we have a passion, which is the true communication.
But a possible enemy is the art of manipulation
and a good solution is the genius of animation.

We have sophisticated translators to overcome language barriers.
But it would be nice to find an international language for everybody.
It should  be second language not native for everyone
so nobody could play with advantage.

Some people try to make Esperanto an international language.
It's a simple artificial language with almost every word unchanged.
However it's difficult integrate to the more than 6,800 languages ​​in the world.
Every language is important to their users because is how works its thinking.
It seems is not easy to come to terms.

Spot Esperanto from Flavio Carlini on Vimeo.

Not even  the deaf with its sign language so emblematic.
Hopefully someday we have an international sign language
because the hands can be very expressive.

Sign Language Pop: Pokemon Theme Song from Erik Pintar on Vimeo.

So as close to universality 
is when using the animation
with genius and without verbal language.
It's really communication for all.
The animations without verbal language
 are international.

  For example this animation speaks without words.

Masquerade from Aziz Kocanaogullari on Vimeo.

The animator is a powerful artist.

an artificial life from Bruce Woodside on Vimeo.

In reference to the verbal language
on de world, the three most spoken
are Chinese, English and Spanish.
Variable depending on the data source.
Due to the difficulty of Chinese and its many variants,
and to mark the power of the internet and the economy
in which the dominant language is English,
this is the language that  progressively imposed.
This gives an advantage to those
 who have it as a native language.

Above all this the predisposition
is basic for true communication.

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