Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Words connectors

You can invent your own stories 
when you know make sentences.
Just need to know the right connectors
 to link your ideas.

  Your story can have an introduction,
a plot and a conclusion for to be exciting.

Connectors are special words that join your sentences.

This animation can be used in conjunction initiation.

Conjunctions for grade 1 from turtlediary on Vimeo.

This interesting explanation may serve to expand.

Conjunctions from Brit on Vimeo.

You can search for conjunctions 
in the text of tales and fables
or in subtitles beatiful films like HUGH.

HUGH (english subtitles) - ESMA from Sylvain Nouveau on Vimeo.

Finally you can learn about
   connectors of time   
with the spider Spidy.

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