Friday, November 15, 2013

Some unanswered questions

Some qüestions unresolved 
are what make you think
 and allow you to move forward.

Whatever the situation,
 it is good to have a clear goal, 
keeping one direction.

As this mouse does not lose sight of his hat
 amid inclement weather, made ​​by Daniel Paul.
Do not miss the    animation  
that  gives strength and inspiration.

Questions without solution
you can find a million.

Why in schools increasingly have more computers and fewer teachers?
How is that can spend money for weapons and don't have money for medicines?
Why politicians have official cars and don't see people that they represent ?
How do politicians need protection, is that they have done something wrong?
Why are there so many people without homes and homes without people?
How can we help the places where happen  disasters  without the aid deviate?
Why continue still researching technology that it removes the work to the parents?
What will I be when I grow if everyone says that the world go wrong ?
How come there is no money to help disabled and yes for conferences and meetings such as luxurious in which agreements are reached then not met?
Why people are jailed fighting for injustice and  is not done justice  with which they could avoid catastrophes?

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