Saturday, November 16, 2013

A new stage, era or eon within your vision

A stage can be a period of time,
an era can be a group of stages,
and an eon is a set of eras.

It may seem exaggerated to say eon
but it rhymes with vision
and we like practice new words.

In addition, in recent centuries spend more stuff in a decade
than in prehistoric times in one eon,
and now we have the emergence of a whole new vision.

We talk about the new Google Glass,
their goggle are now a reality
that can change our mentality.

We had the world within reach of our fingers,
now we have it available to our eyes,
under the instructions of our voice.

In fact it is a remarkable success of the technology
that it will invade our professional  life or family.

More about technical in
 post of last year but it's real now.

            Finally, you can watch these filmations
if you want to imagine how is the world through his vision.

Google Glass from Matthew M on Vimeo.

24 Hours in Rome in 60 Seconds (Through Google Glass)
from Andrew Satter on Vimeo.

Google Glass Commerical from Gary Makinson on Vimeo.

In this latest video tells us that, despite being truly amazing,
we must have a lot of respect when filming other people.

Any new tool that have plenty of options
also have some drawback.
 We must get used because
they will be with us from now on.

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