Tuesday, December 17, 2013

" Inaprehensible" is similar to "ungraspable, or elusive"

Il était une fois... from Indikade on Vimeo.

"Inaprehensible" is a Spanish word that we like,
  it includes a lot of things indefinable.
This vídeo remember us the magic of this word.
It's like a free "word" because it does not fit into a definition,
nor likes the classification, valuation or cataloging.

In fact it is a code that we have at birth
but we forget it because we must learn.
We are filled with concepts and definitions,
topics, judgments, abstractions and generalizations.

And when we're either busy with so much information,
we must go back to instinct and intuition.
We can look within searching this ungraspable code
to guide you in the unpredictable.

In fact, a baby knows when he is hungry or cold.
He can also realize when a stranger comes,
and he express us many things with her ​​moans
without having learned.

We must just put on his skin
sensing that it can happen
if we want to understand him.
We can relive instinctively when we were baby.

So study hard, passes the exams,
and get all you need for a place in the society,
but do not forget entirely what is really important.

Saves the special insights
 arising in you before the unpredictable.
It may be your best guide

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