Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The technology's empathy

The technology surprise us everyday
 and offers a lot of possibilities.
New applications appear constantly
 and their use can help ours abilities.

For instance, look at this easy way of make your own music.

Keezy Advanced Techniques from Elepath, Inc. on Vimeo.

More Tools and Toys for the Modern Mind on     ELEPATH   

The technology must be used with empathy.
The empathy is the ability 
to sense other people’s emotions.
You just need make a good use without abuse.
And so these tools facilitate your advance

The possibilities of the tecnology
for assistance to people
 who have some special need
also evolves everyday.
 More about on:

e Learning Industry

Finally we like this video because it values
 ​​the sum of actions that make the world go round.

Wow!works 10years! from Sensia Media on Vimeo.

It can serve as a tribute to the special people
who do special things
which help the special people to feeling normals.

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