Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Some media falsehoods

The popular saying says:
"A lie many times repeated,
finally seems a truth and comes alive "

Times ago, it was only necessary to go outside criticizing
and hope that the rumor was spreading,
if one wanted to hurt someone.

However, now by the new technologies,
everything goes around the world in a few days,
then the falsehood has the easy way to seem true.

A false rumor in their social networks
or a false report in a newspaper,
until it has denied can change a life.

So you better not believe everything you see published
until some time has passed,
to fight from falsehood to reality.

For instance, the exemplary people
 has endure a barrage of gossip and false rumors
that do not recognize their values.

Lionel Messi is perhaps the most recent example
and we want to give our support for him
because he is a model for overcoming.

He is a motivation on education.
Despite his drive and his juggling
he has never lost its simplicity and fellowship.

 We know he's smart to not let falsehood changes his life.
He has a important treasure: he loves his reality.

Perhaps there is only one way to stop the falsehood:
  use the common sense which can give a right view.
Maybe the Hippocratic Oath
should not be just a matter of doctors,
it could be to all trades and all professions,
or even of everybody :
Hippocratic oath against hypocrisy
and everything would be easier.

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