Saturday, May 10, 2014

Listening without hearing

Listening without hearing
is observation and intuition.
The observation of one who tries to talk
and intuition of what it means.
You can try to read his lips and thoughts
and you can watch his gestures carefully.

This great video is a visual poem
that explains it very special way.

Un poema visual - Día Internacional de la Lengua de Signos 
en Granada del Ángel Cano Ydáñez en Vimeo .


He was born deaf
They have two ears but can't hear
Two hands to talk LS
Two eyes to listen ...
Deaf people can't hear
But they see the lips of people listeners
It's difficult understand inexpressive face
The deaf community with LS feels very comfortable
It's easy to understand the expression
The world of the deaf and listeners are different
The deafs  sometimes feel marginalized
Hopefully there's equality on the world
We may all comunicate without obstructions
Deaf people speak with their voices,
Though the voice sounds strange, does not matter.
Listeners speak with hands,
Although that is not as perfect, no matter
We may share communicating,
We strive patiently and we'll understand!
Thinking with senses. Thanks for listening the LS

If both talkers know the  Sign Language
 this process so complicated
can be simplified.

 What about to try with this version
 of Little Red Riding Hood ?

Caperucita Roja / IS de chiara comiotto en Vimeo .

    More about it on  ASL-Nook

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