Thursday, May 16, 2013

THe EngliSH consonant digraPHs in learniNG CHild

 Now is time to play with the consonant digraphs.
They are two consonants with a unique sound.

You can retain easy in your memory
 every digraph story.

Phonetic things to think about these digraphs.

 Here you have fun stuff
to play with your friends
and learn these sounds
without leaving out the joy.

Playing the "shadow"

Behind a bedsheet you can put objects.
You light the objects with a flashlight.
The others must guess the object
by its shadow.
The winner is the one who guesses and
now he runs the game.

Playing the "achoo" 

A child must cover his eyes.
The others hold hands around this child.
They can‘t speak and can only sneeze.
The child chooses one and must guess
 who is he by listening its "achoo".
If he guesses the shift change
 but if he’s wrong to repeat.

Playing the "song"

A child is humming a song without lyrics.
Whoever guesses the song is the next singer.

Playing the "photo"

All children except  photographer are moving freely.
When the photographer says "photo" everyone
should stop and put an artistic position.
The winner is he who resists more
 and will be the next photographer.

Playing the "things"

A child draws one thing in the sand.
His friends must guess the object drawn.
The winner is the first to guess the thing
 and he is the next artist.
You can also use a notebook or a blackboard.

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