Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Letters, syllabes, words or sentences ?

What is the best way to learn to read?
Starting by letters, syllabes, words or sentences?
In fact, every way is valid.
They are part of the same puzzle.

If you start wit the sentences and look for the different words, syllabes o letters, it is like starting with a finished puzzle and undoing. Taking advantage of their first drawings or their favorite story, we ask them to explain it. Then we write an easy sentence on  a piece of paper. If we write two the same, we can cut one into words and play them. And so until we have the letters.

Welcome to Word World from WordWorld on Vimeo.

If you start with words it's like taking pieces of puzzle with something in common: its meaning. You can play with their favorite words writing every word in the pictures of their favorite objects or with WordWorld.

Y1 Syllables from QBSVimeo on Vimeo.

If you start with the syllabes it's like play with some pieces of the puzzle that fit by their pronunciation. Claping syllabes can be a fun way.

6.8.14 letters Export from Children's Museum of the Arts on Vimeo.

If you start with letters and make syllabes, words and then sentences, it's like starting with and unmade puzzle and putting together. Scrabble letters are very useful but you can write your own letters on pieces of card. Next, you can make words and then sentences.

You can start with any of them, 
and the result is the same:
 a reading adventure. 
Everyone thinks their method is the best
but there are many ways to be a good reader.
The most important thing is 
to believe in your learning possibilities.

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