Monday, October 6, 2014

Life teaches

Many great men of the past with stunning ideas
perhaps would chagrin of use made of any text
because they lose all sense out of context.

Every idea makes sense in terms of its environment,
and we can imagine its evolution in time,
but if we apply it literally is not always valid.

For instance:

The great John Dewey gives us his pragmatic sense
at a social moment too theorist,
 but in a pragmatic society
 would perhaps postulates opposites.

The great Maria Montessori emphasized hygiene
 in a  social environment precarious,
 but in a wealthy  and technological society
maybe would have very different ideas.

 the same Dewey gives us a solution 
when life is defined as education.

Life teaches, so let's live.
 Sharing moments, the best gift.

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