Friday, April 10, 2015

Maths and Musical Paths

According to   Plato   the harmony of numbers
 is closely related to musical harmony
 and at the same time with our own interior.
 Search each in his own inner harmony that can be an exciting journey.

Green-Cat from FLYKIT on Vimeo.

A short tale:
Green Cat and the Ants  

Once upon a time a cat goes for a walk.
His hair was so brilliant that seems to shine under the sun,
He didn't like ants because they tickled the feet  of the cat.
However, one day the cat was sick and slowly watching ants.
They're walking as a dance exploring their space.
The ants's antennas are moving with a magnetic rythm.
Those movings remember really an ancestral coreography.
Suddenly, he understood that he can learn a lot about his new friends.
All are happy by the new friendship and playing together.
Sometimes they go out together and the ants go up his head.
Life is easier with mates and maths and music.

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