Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Watch out with letter "w"

What a wonderful "W" 
with their many ways!
How many different sounds
when she's on words!

His sound is like to win the wind when you skate somewhere.
This awesome video of   Nick jr  can help you
 remember these twin waves.

Seymour the Skateboard from jake armstrong on Vimeo.

Some usual sounds of "w":

When your skate jumping
like ocean waves is the
consonant sound "wuh".
(here "w" is voiced consonant)

When you feel like
a ghost white as snow
flying in the wind is the
semi-vowel sound "uh".

When you just go with the
robot just sounds "r"
and "w" is silent.
You must write "w" before "r"
but you can't pronounce.

When the helicopter takes you:

At times only sounds "h"
 and "w" is silent. Who knows why?

At times sounds the
 digraph "wh". Who knows why?
(here "w" is voiceless consonant)

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