Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thankful with combination "th"

The seashell "t" has a strange theory.
She thinks the weather is a thorny theme.
The latest thunderstorms destroyed the beach.
Then comes the helicopter and has a thought.
He'll bring thousand of sandbags from the desert.
It’ll be a thrill to see the sand travelling through the sky.

All the animals of the beach thank the helicopter.
 Thanks  , thanks and thousand times thanks.

You can know more 
about this digraph on
Mr Thorne
Does Phonics

If you want to know
more  information about
atmospheric phenomena
such as  lightning
you can discover in site


Finally, it is important to distinguish
 two sounds of this digraph "th"

The first sound is
    sonorous or voiced  
The other sound is
   soundless or voiceless  

You can check with your finger
 on the throatand feeling the vibration
in the first and in the other not.

You can practice with this
of  site  Starfall 

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