Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dandelion song

The dandelion is usually the favorite plant  of children.
They enjoy when blowing their spherical shape.
Maybe they imagine flying with her.

Sure you will like this Chinese song
which we can enjoy on your translation.

Dandelion from BingTangHuLuer on Vimeo.


I saw free bird flying in the blue sky below
No one can tell me how vast the world
I am leaving the wind to go the distance like a flower clouds
I am leaving the wind to leave this familiar place

I was the strongest wind in my flying dandelion
Sunlight can reach places I could grow
I want to fly like the wings of the wind is my flower clouds to go the distance
I want to fly the wings of the wind I leave this familiar place

Oh direction toward the spring sun light dancing across
Oh happy and like a flower so I stopped at the most beautiful place

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