Monday, August 26, 2013

The imagination above the information

When people grows then information
takes the place of  imagination.
The children with your great imagination
can help adults cults.
The adults can forget their excessive information
 when sharing the children games.
So children have an important mission:
infect everyone with your creativity and imagination.

Look at this video. The protagonist girl
in just five minutes makes a timeless trip.

5 MORE MINUTES - animated short from Tom Yaniv on Vimeo.

Thanks for sharing this lovely video that remember us
 the richness of the inner world.

Translation  Icelandic Song by Sigur Ros
"Blue Night Over The Sky"

Blue Night Over Me
Dis-appeared through the window
with my hands
hidden under my cheek
I think about my day
yesterday and today
I put the blue nightdresses
go straight to bed
I pull the covers over Soft
Close My Eyes
I hide my head under the covers
A Little Elf stares at me
runs to me, but does not move
Location - Same
A Elf Looking
I open my eyes
Take exit crusts
stretch and check (if I have)
turned over and all is well
still missing something
as all the walls

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