Sunday, August 25, 2013

Your reflection in the mirror and your spatial orientation

If you play with a mirror can have fun with your image.
Curiosly your image in the mirror does the same as you.
This will help you have a good mental awareness of your body.

If you are lucky enough to play together surely will be a moment
 to be remembered like in this cute video.

Espejos from Daniel Hayek on Vimeo.

It can be very entertaining if you also use 
dresses and hats that you find at your home.
This is a way to practice to dress yourself.

Also note that your image moves to the right when you move the left,
and vice versa, your image moves to the left when you move to the right.
Your image is a bit naughty and can joke with your laterality.
Do not be fooled by the mirror.

In this great video you can see a thousand chances to play with the mirror.

El Espejo tiene 1000 Caras from Juan Pablo Zaramella on Vimeo.

If you do not have a mirror you can play "the mirror friend".
  It is played between two, one moves and the other
 must copy because it is his reflection.
  It is important to focus on that when you move your right arm,
 your reflection must  move left arm and vice versa. 
Thus  your laterality and your spatial orientation
 improve in a fun way.

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